Writing Services You Should Avoid

Not every site that advertises itself as one of the best writing services stays faithful to its statements. Some are under the fraud or scam category and will leave you with no money and with a mediocre essay, at best. Some have fake customer reviews, paid or even made by their staff.

In this review, we will talk about three essay writing services and what they offer regarding services, quality, customer support, etc. Do not skip this article if you want to have a higher chance of not getting scammed.


WriteMyEssay4Me review

Writemyessay4me is a popular essay writing company among many students. This service offers a limited selection of academic papers that are designed for college and high school students. Most of them are term papers, research papers, book reports, case studies, essays, and coursework.

We ordered a simple essay for a college student. They meet the deadline specified but other than that, we were not pleased. The paper contained a lot of spelling errors and even grammatical ones. The quality of the writing was atrocious on almost every level. The structure was bad, and there was no way we could salvage it.

The customer support was sub-par, which can mean a lot of trouble for those who are not pleased with their ordered paper. The reviews are negative, and so is the WriteMyEssay4Me rating. Finally, the prices are a little bit high, but the discounts are non-existent, only a promo code if you are subscribed to their newsletter.

It is not a great service to use, especially if you want a decent project for an important exam.


StableWriters review

StableWriters offers academic writing services among other types of papers. This is why we placed an order for a college essay. We asked for the bare bones and didn’t want to complicate things. The customer StableWriters reviews and the rating are all positive but what we got says otherwise.

Firstly, the paper arrived a day late which, for some students, can mean a lot of things, like failing the exam or being extremely stressed. For us, it just means bad service. Secondly, the quality of the paper was below mediocre. There were grammatical errors; the writing was awkward among other things.

The prices are okay, the discounts non-existent but we did manage to get coupon codes, so it’s not that bad. The customer support was a mess, to say the least. All in all, we did not find the experience with this service a pleasant one. Steer clear of this company.

Essay Ace

EssayAce review

Essayace is based in the United Kingdom. We checked the site, and the service promises high-quality papers, which means that they have great writers. The service offers reviews, research works, term papers and other academic material. All in all, this company sounds promising.

We ordered an essay and received it by the specified deadline. We encountered low-quality writing, the structure and the composition were sub par, and the resources were mediocre at best. We could’ve checked for grammatical errors, but we had enough.

The EssayAce prices are low, and the discounts are decent. The customer support was outstandingly low among other things. If you want a decent paper, you are better off writing it yourself or contacting a different service because this one is not great.

While it isn't a fraud or scam, we think that the company relies mostly on making cheap essays and asking for more if you want the "premium." It is an old trick, and with some desperate students, it might work.


Read the testimonials and other reviews before throwing your money on cheap, discounted writing services. You might end up regretting it.